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Welcome to linch•pin

Welcome to linch•pin

linch•pin makes the complicated simple.

linch•pin loves a good challenge. Turning a sound company into an attractive employer brand, for instance. Using effective and pragmatic communication and marketing measures. And focussing on the fields of action that exercise companies most:

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Finding and holding on to motivated staff to ensure the success of your business. Outstanding staff, after all, are your best way to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

In times of demographic change and skill shortages, this is a real challenge and may well be a complicated endeavour. Which is why businesses need solutions enabling them to occupy an authentic and attractive position as employer.

In new parlance: employer branding.
For linch•pin: Complicated made simple.

Here, linch•pin pinpointedly backs communicative measures and projects round and about the tapping, networking and positioning of new staff target groups. Just the way you need things. For SMEs and major players. For start-ups and incumbents. Across sectors, and in international contexts as well.

Dr. Sylvia Knecht

Dr. Sylvia Knecht


The linch•pin concept: turn you into a market leader of quality.

Strong employer brands find staff worldwide. No matter where your company is based: whether in London, New York or the Scottish highlands. No matter how big you are: whether start-up, SME or conglomerate. By approaching staff in an honest and transparent fashion. By showing openly how good you are. By going for new pastures and ideas. And communicating your qualities.

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linch•pin turns you into a market leader of quality.

Thanks to our long years of experience and expertise, we are a sought-after partner. In companies, but also among the relevant institutions and governing bodies round and about the areas: labour and the labour market.

linch•pin operates throughout Europe, as it does in the US and Asia. We are actively networked with European and international partners.

By the way:

We also provide advice and support for public institutions and non-profit organizations.



Das Wie macht den Unterschied

linch•pin helps you. By offering you concepts that turn you into a brand. So that you can face up to demographic change with effective solutions. Help is on the way: from years of experience in recruitment marketing, classic PR / advertising and employer-branding concepts.

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In our implementation, we combine business competence and a highly developed network character. In the social areas of relevance for companies: labour, education and investment.

To this end, linch•pin develops innovative concepts that enable you to stand out from the crowd in the positioning and demarcation process. We shape the transfer of European labour-market policy into regional and local strategies for action.

With linch•pin on the road to first-choice employer

Besides providing you with advice, we also back you with concrete support in the management of programmes and grants, one aim being to deploy public funds efficiently throughout the enterprise.


The linch•pin performers

linch•pin isn't into consultese. The aim is really to please.

We are honest: linch•pin doesn't do consultant-speak. We are clever strategists. And we are even better at getting things done. Our partners of many years' standing also appreciate our clear alignment toward linch•pin's corporate values:

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To make life easier for you,
linch•pin's approach is interdisciplinary.

A team of brand pros with some added international colleagues from the areas of communication and recruitment marketing, creative types, media specialists, university marketing experts and online professionals support and evaluate all projects.

In this way, we can assume for you the entire process in all media channels, right up to your complete corporate impact, creating the identity that fits you: it will be authentic and get your core message across.

Because we know what matters to you in your day-to-day business. Sales-driven communications are part of the package.


linch•pin's services. From A to Z.

linch•pin supports its customers with solutions ranging from A like analysis to Z as in zero errors in addressing your target groups.

Developing concepts

All our concepts start with the generation of ideas. Depending on your needs and goals, we can implement the entire bandwidth of your ideas or focus on executing specific measures.

Brand management

linch•pin formulates core messages to position your employer brand optimally. We develop for you the strategy that fits your brand.

From providing advice, the (further) development of your employer brand, all the way to implementing the measures required. With our network, we are your media agency, employer-branding advisor and creativity hotbed in one.

Competitive analyses and tenders

We steer your perception in the public eye: your actual situation in terms of market and brand presence, your messages and your brand identity.

In addition, linch•pin supports you in competition measures and bidding procedures. We generate integrated communication concepts and recruitment campaigns with a holistic approach to creativity.

We also support you by providing strategic and organizational advice in integrated HR-marketing planning and implementation..


linch•pin contact

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Dr. Sylvia Knecht
Grachtenhofstraße 35
D-50226 Frechen

Phone: +49. 2234. 20 22 950
Mobile: +49. 175. 26 66 871

E-mail: mail(at)

By appointment only.

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